Who is the world best man: Let’s Find Out

Who is the world best man

In the phrase “who is the world best man in islam” – Here we are talking about the all the time greatest man who contributed his whole life to Islam. Islam is one of the communities that India is blessed with and that is what makes it a diverse country in the world.

Prophet Muhammad is recalled as the world best man in Islam community. He is recognised as the last or final messenger of Allah. All those people who follow Islam or belong to the Muslim community are the believers of this statement. The reason why they believe it’s true is the hidden history about Prophet Muhammad.

About Prophet Muhammad

He is recalled as the final messenger of Allah, the one who spiritually means God for the Islamic religion. Prophet Muhammad is known to be the best man of the history too, as he spread the message of love and peace in the world. There are various controversial news about this which you can examine on Internet for your knowledge.

He was born in the city of Mecca in 571 AD. He was the man who spent 23 years of his reciting Islamic beliefs in people. He has the most powerful tongue, whatever words he used to speak brings people closer to Allah.

Almost, 23 years of his life he influenced people around the world with his context. He influenced them to get converted into Muslims and to accept Islam as their religion.

The fight on religion, caste and culture is a debatable topics since thousand years back. This is still on the podium, the title which was given by the people to Prophet Muhammad clarifies the reason of discussions.

In 629, he entered the cities of Mecca and Medina with an army of 1500 people who were forced or influenced by his words to accept Islam as their religion. He made them believe that there is no one greater than Allah, he is the only God people should bow down.

Why he is been recognised as world best man by Muslims?

Macca and Medina is a Mosque which was built by the Prophet as the biggest place to worship Allah. He created his own army to make the world believe that he is the true messenger of Allah.

The mosque is also known as Prophet’s mosque which is located in the heart of the cities of Medina. History says that when he successfully converted 1500 people into Muslims and made them worship Allah as the only God, he declared himself as the admirer of the Islam.

On 6th of June, 632 AD, Prophet Muhammad died. The biggest reason why he is appraised so much is unthinkable sometimes. Even before two years of his death, he didn’t stop his campaign of being the messenger of Allah. He forced the people of Arabian Peninsulla to follow his faith of believing Allah is the only God.

He created is own empire, in many regions people are still getting converted into Muslims and are been forced to accept Islam as their only religion. Does he was for this title? Different people have different believes, Prophet believes made him the best man of Islam.

What made people believe his Voice as a Peacemaker?

He was born in Mecca and them immigrated to Medina to built his own town. He told people to achieve peace by following Allah as their only God. He tried achieving this by manipulation, force and power of words.

He act as an Islamic leader, he established his own state in Medina along with his converted citizens from diverse religion. He created his own army to fight against the people who were against the Islamic beliefs.

He was a political leader of his own Islamic State. He fought many battles against his campaign,

  1. Battles of Badr 624 AD
  2. Battles of Uhud 625 AD
  3. Battles of Khaybar 628 AD
  4. Battles of Hunayan 630 AD

The battles of Hunayan was his last battle in which he forced people of Arabian region to accept Islamic religion by force. For him accepting the Islam was the creation of peace. After two years of his 630 AD battle, he died peacefully. He established the Islamic state, created a belief in people to worship Allah as the only existence.

Today, Mecca and Medina is recognised as the biggest Mosque in the world. Millions of people go to recite their Namaz on daily basis.

Was he a good leader?

Yes, history says that he was a good and intelligent leader. He used to care about the opinions of other compassion during the battle. He used to treat people with respect whether they were from the Muslim community or diverse.

All this statements from the history proves that he was the honest man, he used to believe in himself. This was all before he become the Prophet. After he got address a Prophet, he became the messenger of Allah.

How did he got the title of world best man?

This is a all started with a revolution, the revolution of Quran. The most amazing thing which happened to Muhammad was this book which recites about Allah. When Muhammad was at the age of 40, he wrote the Holy Book of Islam.

The way he convey his message to the world has kept this book into a topic of debate and arguments. He shared that Allah himself spoke to him and share all his wisdom. He demanded him to right this book which will keep the belief of the people stand in future.

Quran a Holy Book,  it is belief as the words of Allah. His work and contribution towards creating the Islamic State and popularizing their community awarded him with this title.

Prophet Muhammad Personality

He is a ideal man for the Muslim community. He declared himself as the last messenger of Allah by writing the Holy Book of Quran. This book is now followed by all the people who has accepted Islam as their religion.

He was excellent in moral and ethics, a man of mindful nature, knowledgeable and wise teacher. In his journey of influencing people towards Islam, he worked as political leader and creates his own State of community.

His followers believes that he was a kind personality, a living father and husband. History defines it in one some other ways. He is recognised as the greatest epitome of spreading peace in the community.

Story of  Shepherd

Muhammad used to work as a Shepherd in the Arabian Peninsulla. He used to take care of the sheep and from there he learned to be compassionate and patient.

He used to work there with his own Uncle, Abu Talib. Before his death, he forced the people of same region to accept Islam as their religion. A Shepherd became the Prophet who changed it all.

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