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In this large Ed-tech world, getting study materials to prepare for examination is a single click task. Still, for college going students it comes out as a challenging task due to non-availability of study materials. Tutorialsduniya plays a strong role in the gameplay by making study materials, study notes in PDF format, word format in just a few seconds. So today, we are going to brief you about this new revolutionary destination.

Know About Tutorialsduniya

Tutorialsduniya is an online destination compiled with easy access to study materials for students from Class 6th, 7th, 8th, Board Exams, Government Exams, College pursuing students, and much more. Basically, it’s an easy-to-use website which is crafted to make the notes available so that students cannot find any challenge in studying and preparing for examinations.

Website NameTutorialsduniya
PurposeDelivering the high quality study material for Student
Target AudienceSchool Students, College Student, Students of Competitive or Govt. Exams
Content TypeNCERT’s, CBSE Sample Papers, Govt. Exam Papers, Projects, Notes and Much More!
Launch DateIn May 2018
Owner/FounderAbhishek Mishra
Key FeaturesVideo tutorials, Notes, In Buit Store, Free Course, and Much More!
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About Founder of Tutorialsduniya

This amazing site was founded by a young, talented and passionate gentleman. Abhishek Mishra is the man behind this free course material services. He designed this website for the students to ease their educational loads.

He worked for few years on the website after checking and testing the site he successfully launched in into the market. It became the part of the market in the year 2018 in the month of May.

He shared that he got an inspiration from his own incident, during his college days he used to struggle to get the appropriate material for the study. Searching for the solutions on the browser was a complete waste of time, he identified the problem and turned into an opportunity.

Traffic role of Tutorialsduniya

This website is an absolute solution for the students. With the help of accurate, valid and sustainable study material millions of students have improved their grade. Generating the high traffic on the site was not the objective, the mission to serve them best material to build their carer.

The team reveals that this site attracts millions of tourists every month. Free accessibility is their Unique selling proposition to stabiles their position in the market. The maximum that jumped on the site for the accessibility lies between the age group of 18 years to 24 years.

To check on their monthly performance you can explore their official website. They have posted their growth updates statistically to maintain the transparency and integrity of their site with the audiences.

Objectives of Tutorialsduniya

The main aim of this digital site to ease the life of the students. Delivering the quality material for their preparation to improve their grade score is what inspires them to run their site.

  • They aim to provide all genre of study material to the students within few clicks.
  • Objective to sever high quality educational resources to the school and college students.
  • To make the life of the students easy.
  • To promote education, to serve tutorial program and subject guides.

Genre of Study Material provided by Tutorialsduniya

  • Notes
  • Tutorials
  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Subject Material and others.

Genre of Subject Material

  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Electronics
  • Commerce
  • BA
  • Electronics
  • Politics and more

Content Sourced on Tutorialsduniya

Their website provides free previous year question paper for 40+ competitive exams. This includes:

  • Banking
  • GATE
  • SSC
  • Railway Exams
  • Defense
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • UPSC
  • CAT
  • JEE
  • NDA and more.

Categories available on the Tutorialsduniya for reference

CBSE Study Material

  • NCERT Books and Solutions
  • CBSE Notes Pdf
  • CBSE Deleted syllabus
  • CBSE Question Papers and Sample Papers

Government Exam Papers

  • AE JE Exams papers
  • Agriculture Exams papers
  • Bank and Defense exam papers
  • Enginnering and Forest service exam papers
  • GATE and Law exam papers
  • Indian army and Indian navy exam papers
  • Insurance exam papers
  • MBA and Medical exam papers
  • Patwari and Police exam papers
  • PSC and PSU exam papers
  • Postel department and SSC exam papers
  • State level exam papers
  • Railway exam papers
  • Teaching exam papers
  • UPSC exam papers

College Notes

  • Computer Science notes
  • Chemistry notes
  • Mathematics Notes
  • Physics Notes
  • BA Honors Notes
  • Electronics Notes
  • BA Progress Notes
  • Other Courses Notes
  • Management Notes

Free study material for college students

  • College Notes
  • College Projects
  • DU Question Papers
  • Govt. Exam Papers
  • Udemy Free Courses
  • Coursera Free Courses
  • Skillshare Free Courses
  • LinkedIn Free Courses

Qualities of Tutorialsduniya’s Portal

This portal is an online site which means it is accessible 24*7 for the users. Explore, Discover, Learn free education for a better and secure future.

They have their own applications on the Google Play Store for easy download and better experience. With over 1000 plus study material this remarks themselves out of the competition league.

Their quality defines the number of students approach to this site monthly. The bar shows green flag with 1 lakhs plus student presence.

Tutorialsduniya’s Store

They offer premium services too to create a revenue business through this site. They have a Tutorial store under which they sell specified study material to the students. The selling price lies between the range of 20 INR to 50 INR (flexible figure).

Competitors of Tutorialsduniya’s Platform

  • Mrcet.com
  • Du.ac.in
  • Deshbandhucollege.ac.in
  • Vssut.ac.in
  • Unacademy
  • Vedanata
  • BYJU’s


For all students in schools and colleges, TutorialsDuniya.com is an best app for study materials. The owner Abhishek Sharma designed it to assist college and high school students in obtaining free study materials. This application doesn’t even show advertisements or gather user data. For students looking for academic support this online platform is a popular choice. It provides a vast array of educational resources, including study notes, past year question papers, and entire notes.

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