Maharaja Surajmal Brij University: Admission, Faculty and More!

Maharaja Surajmal Brij University

Maharaja Surajmal brij University is an educational palace which is located in Chak Sakeetra, Rajasthan. It was formerly known as Brij University. This university is exactly located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

This university was established in the year 2012, by the Government of India, with professor K.D. Swami serving as the inaugural Vice Challenger (VC).

This is a public university, managed and organised by the State Government of Rajasthan. They are seeking admission for their new batch and the last date for the admission is June, 2024.

Maharaja Surajmal Brij University – Mission

Knowledge is the greatest eye which helps you to overcome darkness. Maharaja Surajmal brij University is affiliated by UGC (Universal Grants Commission).

They have a mission to provide comprehensive education across diverse sectors of the country. They are on to promote learning and fostering education excellence.

Maharaja Surajmal Brij University – Vision

They have a vision foster to the advancement of research across all the disciplines. They are committed towards the creation of dynamic and enriching academic environment. They are running various schemes for the students and  Scholars.

Faculty Offered by Maharaja Surajmal brij University

  1. Faculty of Arts and Social Science
  2. Faculty of Science
  3. Faculty of Statistics
  4. Faculty of Law
  5. Faculty of Fine Art
  6. Faculty of Research
  7. Faulty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Science
  8. Faculty of Medical and Public Health
  9. Faculty of Regional and Environmental Science
  10. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  11. Faculty of Management Studies
  12. Faculty of Music

Objectives of Maharaja Surajmal brij University

  • The major objective is to deliver state of art education for manifestation of perfection.
  • Using research as a tool for the creation of new knowledge by using advance technology system.
  • To promote new ideas and start up business.
  • To create an eco system that helps both the institutions and industries to grow.
  • To promote innovation by supporting creative system approach.
  • To adapt environment friendly technologies to enhance skills and information.

Departments of Maharaja Surajmal brij University

Department of Home Science

This department was established in the year 2017. It offers M.A/ M.Sc. courses to study. It has also introduced fashion designing and interior decoration courses. A right choice to add a doctorate in front of your name by study Ph.D. in Home Science.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

This department started these two courses in the year 2019 -2020. This department helps the students to sharpen their problem solving skills and analytical skills. M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer science are two years program which falls under this management.

Department of Operations Research

They offer two years Operations program to study. This department teaches various mathematical and statistical terms. It endeavour more on bringing discipline to the students.

Department of Drawing and Paintings

This department was introduced in the year 2017. It offers M.A and Ph.D. courses in Drawing and Painting. Computer Graphics is an additional learning by this department. A department of Fine Arts.

Department of Research

This is a research department who works is to prepare a legitimate reports on the given topic. Research helps in identifying whether the source is worth to use or not. It helps in bringing correction to the existing theories.

Department of Student Welfare

This department take care of the well being of the students. Developing intellectual skills and providing proper training are the key elements of their welfare program.

Governing Bodies of Maharaja Surajmal brij University

These are top covering bodies who are responsible for the management of the universities. They look over the affiliated colleges within the country to maintain the good will.

  1. The BOM
  2. The Academic Council
  3. The BOI
  4. The BOS
  5. Administration
  6. Finance Committee
  7. Other cells and Committee

How to Take admission in Maharaja Surajmal brij University?

They are enrolling for the upcoming batch of 2024. If you looking best for your carer this is one of those universities that holds your back. Last date for the registration is 30th June, 2024. To take admission in Brij University, Bharatpur, Rajasthan you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and search for the official site.
  2. Click on the official site and explore the categories.
  3. Go to the Admission Section and click on it.
  4. Fill the application form online through their official site.


One must fulfil the eligibility criteria set by the university for the admission. If you’re not eligible to their terms and conditions then form get rejected. They deal on the percentage, entrance exam and cut off.

Applications must be filled within the allotted time period or else you’ll miss the opportunity. UCG has approved this university for their infrastructure and educational score.


Under this university number of colleges are affiliated. This affiliation promotes the colleges, it’s like a franchise business. University represent themselves through this affiliation in each sector of the country.

Examination Department

To fill an application form or to check the result of your examination one need to examine  the examination category. They have provided all the required options, tap on the required one – enter your details and done.

All the examination process are perform through this section only.


This University is one of the top ranked universities in India. Being a part of this university is the dream of millions. They provide quality education, intellectual skills training and student welfare program.

They are on with the admission, if you find yourself fit for this university the apply right now. Dates will be soon closing by the end of the June month, 2024. Check out all the eligibility criteria on their official website –

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