Pokemon Fan Games: List Of Popular Pokemon Games

Pokemon Fan Games

Millions of players have experienced something positive from the Pokémon franchise. The original games were unlike anything else available. Pokemon Fan Games gave rise to an entirely new genre of video games that were all about gathering and fighting a wide variety of odd and fascinating creatures.

Numerous graphics improvements, the addition and removal of new gameplay elements, and the introduction of hundreds of brand-new Pokémon to the various regions have all been made in the main series games.

They have served as an inspiration for numerous other developers to make games in a similar vein. Even fans have dabbled in making their own fan games.

List of Pokemon Fan Games

Fans have made many interesting and fun games to play. Here are some of them:

Pokémon Uranium:

Probably the most well-known ROM hack is Pokémon Uranium. As authentic as it gets, the tale puts you in the role of a novice trainer. They are assigned a starter Pokémon by Professor Bamb’o.

You set out on a mission to battle each gym leader in order to gather 8 gym badges. But things quickly become considerably darker. Your protagonist’s father is not present and their mother was killed in a nuclear power plant explosion.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion:

You can create whatever kind of Pokémon Frankenstein you want with Pokémon Infinite Fusion. Or at least as lifelike as a game can get. This game expands the idea of combining pre-existing sprites into a whole game where you can splice almost any two Pokémon together to create something completely new.

It is based on a website that allows you to combine Pokémon. It includes a tonne of new features along with a Red and Blue version that goes all the way up to the eighth gym. These consist of new locations, randomised mode, sidequests, a redesigned user interface, a Speed Up button, and much more.

Pokémon Phoenix Rising:

Pokémon Phoenix Rising is a role-playing game that similarly emphasises the story. But it also delves deeper into role-playing elements by allowing player choices to impact the game’s advancement.

The game has fully customisable characters, an impressive pixel art style, and a roster of new Mega Evolutions and Relic Forms. These are extremely uncommon variations of real Pokémon that change their type and motions. But more than anything, Pokémon Phoenix Rising is an extension of the role-playing aspects of the original series.

Pokémon Xenoverse:

Created by a sizable Italian team of fifteen people. Although the fan game was originally written in Italian, it was translated into English in 2021.

“Xenoverse” is a gorgeous, well-polished game that provides hours of playtime and has gained a lot of popularity.

There’s never been a better moment to dive right into the narrative and enjoy everything Pokémon Xenoverse has to offer.

A complete Pokémon experience that can be played online with others; work began in 2012!

Pokémon Insurgence:

Pokémon Insurgence is one of the most ambitious ROM hacks because of how much it modifies. It enhances the games it was based on. You can download and play it now in its entirety. But the team is dedicated to providing further updates in the future to address any flaws and add additional content.

It currently plays on par with or better than any classic Pokémon game. Not only does it have entirely new music and characters, but it also revives the idea of Mega Evolutions in 2D games. The new Pokémon Delta Species are the most amazing.

Poké MMO:

A complete Pokémon experience that can be played online with others; work began in 2012!

Stop playing with yourself and start playing with everyone else on the platform. Putting jokes aside, Walking around this thick environment, seeing usernames over the heads of other characters, and realising that hundreds of other gamers are taking part online makes for an absolutely incredible experience.

Poke MMO’s universe is maintained by a sizable community. You can engage in trade, engage in combat, or just watch.

Pokémon Reborn:

Many people describe this fan game as being more mature than your average Pokémon game.

With nearly 800 Pokémon, Pokémon Reborn is jam-packed with content, according to the producers, featuring “all content through Generation 7.” In this realm, you might easily spend more than sixty hours!

This Pokémon fan game might be for you if you’re looking for a little extra challenge because it has a reputation for being powerful.

Pokémon Wilds:

Due to Pokémon Wilds’ randomly generated open world, every player’s experience is completely different.
This Pokémon game is completely different from any other, however it still contains many of the same features, such as crafting, monster hunting, and open world exploration.

Pokémon Clockwork:

Pokémon Clockwork, which adds some sleek new features that you won’t find in the main canon, comes in at number eleven in our list of the top Pokémon fan-made games.
It has a day and night cycle, which is a wonderful feature and attention to detail in a fan-made game, though it has definitely appeared in some other Pokémon games.

Pokémon Fire Ash:

Collectible cards, anime, and the Pokémon video game were all released in a comparatively short period of time. This caused some uncertainty in the beginning, at least in the West, regarding what came before and why things were different.

For the majority of people, the primary source of misunderstanding was the fact that Red, the game’s protagonist, was not the anime’s Ash. The reason this fan game was created was because Ash and Red’s storylines were actually very distinct from one another. Pokémon Fire Ash is a video game that more closely follows Ash’s exploits in the anime. It was started in 2015 and is still being updated today.

Pokémon Prism:

Prism is basically a Game Boy Colour ROM-hack of Pokémon Crystal. To play Prism, you’ll need an emulator or a cartridge, but once you have everything set up, it’s well worth it. On the game’s opening scene, the legendary Dragon Trainer Lance’s son/daughter are playing on a minecart. All of a sudden the vehicle loses control and hurtles into the Naljo region down an abandoned track.


    As the name implies, fan-made Pokémon games are built by fans. While the game may have many twists and turns, it is based on the Pokémon principle.

    Even though it’s not exactly like the classic Pokémon games, there are still Pokémon in it. To make the game, they employ a variety of applications, including Pokemon Essentials and RPG Maker XP.

    Fans of Pokémon have created fan games that honour the series as a way to show their devotion to it, each for their own unique reasons. They may also be an attempt to innovate by introducing entirely new features and gameplay elements or by merely altering the fundamental recipe.

    They can accomplish this by either building entirely new Pokémon games from scratch or altering already-existing ones.

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